At Ed Direction, we provide our clients with data-driven improvement services that can immediately impact student learning.

We help schools achieve lasting transformation by implementing the most effective evidence-based practices.

Ed Direction is one of the country’s most effective school transformation partners. We’ve worked with over 1,000 schools in more than 100 districts to maximize student achievement. Our relentless focus on the most effective evidence-based practices produces significantly improved student outcomes.


The Ed Direction founders created this organization to have measurable impact on student learning by applying the best thinking for each of our clients and projects. That heritage continues to endure at Ed Direction.


Our staff includes more than 100 improvement coaches, associates, transformation specialists, and analysts. We have worked as school board members, superintendents, principals, classroom teachers, administrators of teaching and learning, school psychologists, professional developers, higher education faculty, education researchers, and education attorneys.


The field of education is having a great decade! In recent years, we have become much more rigorous about knowing what works in classrooms, school buildings, and district offices. At Ed Direction, we implement these evidence-based practices with fidelity to maximize impact on student learning.


At Ed Direction, we are relentlessly focused on impact. As a result of our efforts, we want students to have improved their performance. And we tailor our project approaches to each client to maximize the impact on student learning.

Social Impact

We believe in giving back to our communities. Ed Direction team members lead and serve on several local, national, and international philanthropic boards and donate significant time and effort to youth, civic, and religious organizations.

Cicero Group

Ed Direction is a division of Cicero Group, a leading management consulting and research firm headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Cicero Group works with top management teams nationally and internationally to transform the performance of client organizations using data-driven strategy. The Ed Direction team leverages this expertise to add unique value to its transformation and strategic services.

Media Center

The Ed Direction works hard to research and implement the best practices in school transformation and turnaround. We believe that the logical next step is to freely share that knowledge.

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Our clients see us as strategic partners who help transform their schools into havens for teachers and administrators to grow and refine their practice; and for students to stretch and reach their potential. For more information on how we can help you or your organization, please contact us.

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