At Ed Direction we take the research on what works for school improvement, and we ensure it is implemented as the research describes it. The formula is not terribly complicated—our secret sauce is in making it happen with fidelity, and at scale.

Over the last 20 years, districts across the United States have spent over $60 billion dollars on comprehensive school improvement efforts. Unfortunately, these efforts have yielded no lasting improvements in teaching and learning.

Ironically, there is more education research being done than ever before. We know what works and what doesn’t work in a much clearer and precise way. Yet all this new knowledge has not translated into better school systems for the new generation of students.


The answer is that while the field of education research has produced a list of teaching and leadership strategies that work, there remains a dearth of implementation models that can produce strong, consistent, and scalable application of those strategies.

This is how Ed Direction adds game-changing value: We leverage robust implementation science to help schools effectively apply evidence-based strategies and achieve lasting transformation.


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This approach works, and the results speak for themselves.

Evidence-Based Strategies

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We know that the strongest influence on how well students learn is how well teachers teach.1 In order to produce improved student outcomes, the instructional core must also improve. That is why our team helps educators narrow their focus to the evidence-based instructional strategies that education research has proven most effective.

In doing so, we leverage the most current meta-analysis research to identify high-impact strategies. We only implement strategies that meet our rigorous standard of excellence: an effect size greater than 0.4, equivalent to producing at least one year of student growth.

Coupled with robust implementation science, these evidence-based strategies help our partner schools achieve lasting transformation and improved student outcomes.

Implementation Science

Too often, schools fall prey to the temptation to do too much. Instead of implementing a few high-impact strategies with depth, they attempt to implement a wide range of programs, initiatives, curricula, and other priorities. As a result, many schools experience little to no lasting change year after year.

Our implementation model breaks this cycle of slow growth.

We help schools implement evidence-based strategies with depth. Research shows that narrowing teachers’ focus and supporting them with ongoing in-class coaching are the keys to transformation.2


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To achieve implementation depth, we take a much different approach than most education consultants. Our intention is to help schools create self-perpetuating systems that continue the work of transformation long after a contractual engagement ends. Our team lives by three key components that promote sustainable transformation for all of our partner schools:




To understand what our approach looks like in practice, watch the keynote address by Ed Direction CEO Dr. Trent Kaufman below.




 [1] Fixsen, D., Naoom, S., Blasé, K., Friedman, R., Wallace, F. Implementation Research: A Synthesis of the Literature. University of South Florida. Joyce, B. & Showers, B. Student Achievement Through Staff Development. ASCD.

[2] Center for Public Education,





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