Below are several snapshot examples of successes we’ve experienced with our partner education organizations.

Our experience spans all types of schools, including those in underprivileged urban environments, large suburban districts, and small rural communities. We tailor our transformation model to each school’s unique needs, and we work relentlessly to improve student outcomes.

The result? Accelerated student performance and lasting transformation.

Our typical partner school achieves at least twice the proficiency gains in core subjects compared to non-partner schools—all in just the first year of an engagement. Schools that dedicate themselves to full implementation achieve 6-8 times the proficiency gains in core subjects.


Proficiency Gains


For more examples of our partners’ results, view the case studies below:

Large Urban District

  • Turnaround of 9 failing schools simultaneously
  • 300% increase in “A” grade schools
  • Winner, Best District Award

Large Suburban High School

  • Transitioned form an “F” designation to a “C” grade in 2 years
  • Developed an Early Warning System to ensure that students graduate on time and ready to succeed in college and careers
  • 40% increase in 9th and 19th graders on-track for graduation

Small Rural District

  • Earned “A” grade at district level, only one of nine districts statewide
  • Achieved “on-track” status for full set of ambitious 2020 goals

Large Urban Middle School

  • 27% improvement in Math proficiency over 3 years
  • Implemented structured math and reading labs without additional funds
  • Increased student choice permits by 31%

Large Suburban District

  • 83% of schools received an “A” or “B” status, compared to 54% statewide
  • Five-year improvement in student proficiency, double that of five neighboring districts

Small Rural Elementary School

  • Three-year improvement in school grade from “D” to “A”
  • Decreased office disciplinary referrals by 50%
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