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ESSA Update: How does this impact our schools?

July 11, 2019| Mavis Snelson
When President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) into law on December 10, 2015, he sent a clear message to the…

How to Engage Reluctant Adult Learners

March 13, 2019| Laura Scarpulla
Teachers get trained very well to identify disengaged learners in their classroom.  Sometimes it is easy to spot as the signs…

Why We Cannot Wait to Improve Underperforming Schools

March 7, 2019| Mavis Snelson, Luis Cantu and William Evans
If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and you feed him…

Professional Learning Teachers Want and Need

February 4, 2019| Allison Miller, Carrie Miller and William Evans
Alan, a district area director, is only ten minutes in to a Professional Learning session he’s facilitating, and he is already disappointed. What he devised as an engaging learning opportunity…

School Improvement Is Possible with Existing Staff

January 31, 2019| Athena Nadeau and Jessica Vidal
When schools are identified as underperforming, the inclination can sometimes be to remove staff or, in extreme cases, close a…

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Engage Reluctant Learners

January 23, 2019| William Evans and Magda Tsagaris
A cinematic depiction of education, which is almost universally loved is The Dead Poet’s Society. It is difficult to forget…

Partner Spotlight: Becki Monson, Bacchus Elementary School Principal

November 27, 2018| Athena Nadeau
Located in Kearns, Utah, Thomas W. Bacchus Elementary School serves a racially and economically diverse student population of approximately 400…

Ed Direction Selected by Illinois State Board of Education as a Learning Partner

November 15, 2018| Hollie Pettersson
Ed Direction is proud to announce its selection by the Illinois State Board of Education as a Learning Partner. Ed…

High-Stakes School Transformation: 6 Keys to Producing Real Results

May 30, 2018| Mavis Snelson and Jessica Vidal
It happens all the time: A historically successful organization begins to falter, whether financially—like Ford Motor Company in 2006—or culturally,…
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