Other Services

Our team also provides education consulting services in several other critical areas.

In addition to our transformation services, we also provide support to states, districts, and individual schools in the following areas: family and community engagement, state and district planning, program evaluation, and strategic consulting.

Family and Community Engagement

Strong relationships with families and community members are essential to achieving lasting school improvement. Ed Direction helps schools build these relationships using effective, practical strategies.

Strategic Consulting

States, districts, and schools balance a myriad of non-instructional responsibilities, including finances, operations, human resources, and fundraising. We help clients increase the efficiency and impact of these processes so they can focus their efforts on improving classroom instruction.

State and District Planning

Effective state departments of education and school districts resist complacency by constantly innovating their overall vision and long-term plans. With extensive administrative experience, our team helps states and districts create and implement game-changing initiatives.

Program Evaluation

Evidence-based school improvement requires thorough, accurate measurement and progress monitoring. Our team has years of experience providing insightful program evaluation services to forward-thinking clients.

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