Strategic Consulting

At Ed Direction, we provide strategic consulting in order to help our clients define root cause problems, plan for addressing them, and implement change initiatives that make a difference for children.

States, districts, and schools balance a myriad of non-instructional responsibilities, including finances, operations, human resources, and fundraising. We help clients increase the efficiency and impact of these processes so they can focus their efforts on improving classroom instruction. Our strategic consulting services include:

  • Operational optimization (information technology, food services, purchasing, transportation, etc.)
  • Labor and contract negotiations
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Branding and marketing
  • Neutral fact-finding (community and stakeholder engagement, complain investigation, etc.)
  • Facilitation and consensus-building related to school boundaries, bond elections, school design, and other key issues
  • Mediation (personnel grievances, policy conflicts, student disputes, etc.)

For more information about our strategic consulting services, contact us.

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