School transformation is our specialty. Our team has helped improve outcomes for tens of thousands of students across the country.

We help schools execute Whole-School Transformation, Personalized Learning Transformation, and Principal Transformation. The table below provides a brief summary of each product.


Below is a summary of Ed Direction’s three-part school transformation model: Plan, Implement, and Grow.

Plan: “Narrow the focus”

  • Conduct comprehensive needs assessment, including root-cause analysis and exploration of school and district priorities to identify alignment opportunities
  • Co-develop a schoolwide transformation plan
    • Acts as singular plan to meet all district/state planning requirements
    • Leverages research
    • Ensures teacher buy-in
    • Plans for progress monitoring (30-, 60-, and 90-day intervals)
    • Acknowledges the challenges of change

Implement: “Go slow to go fast”

  • Implement plan with fluency and depth (schools can expect 3 to 12 times the impact on student learning when they implement fewer, high-leverage strategies)
  • Focus on strong, healthy, and intentional Professional Learning Communities(PLCs)
  • Enable administrators and School Transformation Teams (STTs) to support PLCs
  • Implement evidence-based instruction (i.e. Hattie, Marzano)

Grow: “Foster a growth mindset to move the dial”

  • Provide weekly, on-site coaching in the classroom for every teacher
  • Provide weekly leadership coaching for school administrators
  • Conduct on-site, job-imbedded professional learning
  • At least 80-hours per educator per year
  • Whole-group, small-group, and individual-level training
  • Enable lesson study, peer coaching, and other effective collaboration techniques
  • Leverage sustainability strategies that lead to durability
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